PEC Safety

The idea behind this almost universally accepted oilfield safety training program is for everyone, from contractors to company employees, to be trained on managing common hazards that exist out in the field – following a common curriculum.


Training applicable to shipments of DOT Hazardous Materials and IATA Dangerous Goods, ensuring they are done safely – all the way from packaging and loading to final delivery.

Hazardous Waste

Certain wastes pose increased hazards to humans and the environment.  As such – whether you work in a factory, mine or hazardous waste disposal site – extensive regulation applies, including training requirements.

Environmental Health and Safety

The sphere of applicable environmental, health and safety requirements can seem overwhelming – The idea is to fit the pieces together into a logical and manageable program.


Although there are many applicable training requirements, there is no rule that requires they be covered individually – Combine topics to make training more practical and interesting, while eliminating wasteful redundant coverage of common training elements.

Site Customized

If you want to bore training participants, and likely lose them altogether, provide abstract training without relevant context. Otherwise, make it meaningful, covering topics that people care about, that pertain directly to jobs they perform and materials they handle.