Depending on your situation, it might make sense to tailor training for your specific personnel and operations. Benefits include:

Customization – We will work with site personnel to develop training programs that address topics specific to your site

Modules – Develop multiple versions of training for different work groups at your site – make sure people get the specific training they need

Interactive – Participants have the opportunity to discuss issues relevant to their work areas and activities

Enhance existing training – No need to scrap your current training programs – often times our clients only need a little assistance improving or expanding their existing training

We also offer train-the-trainer programs

Another popular option is our train-the-trainer program. Sometimes it’s most beneficial to equip site personnel with the tools needed to provide training themselves. Train-the-trainer programs are designed to provide participants with expertise on applicable regulatory requirements, as well as familiarity with effective training techniques. Benefits include:

Cost effective – Reduce the need for external training support

Utilize site expertise – Internal trainers have better knowledge of your site and operations, which also increases trainer credibility with site personnel

Improve internal expertise – Developing and presenting training is a proven method for learning regulatory content

Increase access to training resources – Internal trainers are more accessible for related follow up and questions